I started Atelier to fund a specific vision of the world: a world in which people are able to do what they love for a living and to have a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

As an immigrant to the US, I’ve always been captivated by the notion of the American dream and how to broaden access. The Passion Economy thesis is the distillation of that idea: that technology platforms can build a better world, advance economic opportunity, and lower the barriers to entrepreneurship.

I’ve always been a creator: I studied art intensively between age 5 and 18 and have been writing prolifically my entire life. I have immense respect for people who create something from nothing and who make their passion their life’s work.

I fell in love with the divine discontent of founders while investing at Andreessen Horowitz. The act of starting something is to make a statement that we are not, and should not be, content with the way that things are in the world. Founders challenge the status quo by starting a company. As an investor, I have the privilege of supporting them along the way in realizing
their visions.

Atelier wouldn’t exist without the support of our investors, mentors, and founders who have believed in me since day 1—for them, I am immensely grateful.

Li Jin, Founder and General Partner