“New integrated platforms empower entrepreneurs to monetize individuality and creativity. In the coming years, the passion economy will continue to grow. We envision a future in which the value of unique skills and knowledge can be unlocked, augmented, and surfaced to consumers.”

The Passion Economy

Broadens access to a new form of work.

We believe there’s many types of differentiated skills and knowledge that can be productized and monetized in ways that perhaps we can’t even yet imagine. Startups are creating new ways to earn income by leveraging one's passions and individuality.

Lowers the barriers to entrepreneurship.

Dedicated tools and platforms can make it easier for workers to go independent—whether that’s education platforms, fintech tools, or SaaS platforms that provide the building blocks for an online business.

Democratizes the means of production and distribution.

New platforms facilitate more creation and distribution through simpler, more accessible tools. This is happening in podcasting, video, e-commerce, and other industries—making it easier to be creative and to make a living from it.

Empowers community.

The decline of traditional employment and workplaces necessitates more grassroots collectives, collaborative groups, and guilds. While creators and solopreneurs are self-employed, they collaborate and create in trusted networks with their audiences and other creators.